Maintenance & Operations

Director of Maintenance & Operations
Mark Gottschall

Maintenance & Operations Manager

Maintenance & Operations Assistant

Mauro Souza
Nina Ribeiro

Maintenance & Operations Clerk

Grounds Supervisor
Robin Guzman
Pedro Coronado

Maintenance & Operations Mission

Our purpose is to create and maintain a safe educational working environment for students and staff in a timely manner with pride.

Maintenance & Operations Staff

Mauro SouzaMaintenance and Operations Manager
Araceli Martinez De Pulido
Duarte SousaGeneral Maintenance
Albino SalcedoGeneral Maintenance
Walter FernandesGeneral Maintenance
Roger MillerElectrician, High Voltage
Jose FloresElectrician
Juan MendozaElectrician, High Voltage
Patrick O'DonnellElectrician, Low Voltage
Daniel RobertElectrician, Low Voltage
Steve FrankHVAC
Stefan ColemanHVAC
Steve WinnHVAC
Jessie ValenzuelaHVAC
Augie ChavezLocksmith
Tony EndsleyPlumber
Josh BristowPlumber
William WohltmanPlumber

Grounds Staff

Grounds Staff
PJ Coronado- Supervisor
Tony Costa
Ivan Fuentes
Jon Macias
David Rojas
Santos Rojas
Randy Romero
Salvador Bautista

Plans & Bids

CUPCCAA Public Notice

The Merced Union High School District (“District”) has elected to become subject to the CUPCCAA procedures in accordance with Public Contract Code Section 22032. The District is inviting licensed contractors to submit information for inclusion on the District’s list of Pre-Registered Bidders for the 2016 calendar year.

Public Works Contractor Registration (PWCR)