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Foggy Day Schedules

Foggy Day Information & Schedules
Reminder: Classes are NOT cancelled due to fog. The following procedures will be in place when atmospheric conditions reduce visibility on the roadway to 200 feet or less.

Information regarding foggy day bus schedules can be obtained by:

  • Watching TV Channel KSEE Channel 24, KMPH Channel 26, KSFN Channel 30, and KGPE Channel 47.
  • Listening to local radio station KYOS News/Talk - 1480 AM, KLOQ Radio Lobo - 98.7, KBRE The Bear - 92.5, KHPO The Hippo - 106.3, KABX The Oldies - 97.5, KUBB Country - 96.3, Hot 104.7
  • Referring to Alerts posted on the District Web Page.
  • Transportation Safety & Emergency Document (PDF)

Plan A
One hour delay, foggy day school bus schedule. The majority of spotters indicate visibility due to fog is reduced below 200 feet, by 5:45 AM.

Plan B
A second hour delay is now in effect. At 6:15 AM spotters are sent out to the following areas: McSwain, El Nido, Highway 140 toward Gustine, North Merced- Hopeton/Snelling, Cressy/Ballico. Conditions have not cleared so that visibility exceeds 200 feet.

Plan C

A third hour delay is now in effect. At 7:15 AM spotters indicate that visibility in the areas above still has not cleared so that visibility exceeds 200 feet.

It is not expected that the District will go beyond Plan C and cancel morning bus service entirely as visibility due to fog almost always improves beyond 200 feet by 8:45 AM.

Transportation Waiver Forms