Travel & Conference Procedures

Educational Services Administrative AssistantSpecial Services Secretary

Heidi Wilson

Maureen Touhy


Step 1. Meet with your supervisor or site administrator to obtain the necessary forms and account codes for the travel expense.

Step 2. Enter a requisition for registration, hotel, transportation, and out of pocket expenses separately.

Step 3. Register for conference/workshop, make hotel reservations, and reserve a district vehicle (unless you plan on driving your own vehicle). You will pick up hotel check from the Business Department at the District Office, 1-2 days prior to departure.

Step 4. Wait for your purchase order reimbursement package to arrive at your site/department. Keep all your receipts that will be claimed for reimbursement.

Step 5. Once the conference is over complete the reimbursement claim form, including obtaining required signatures, and send completed reimbursement packet to Summer Eagle in Accounts Payable at the District Office.

Step 6. It will take about ten working days to receive your reimbursement check which is mailed to the address listed on the Out of Pocket claim form.