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Financial Aid

There are several types of financial aid available to students entering college. Awards include federal and state grants, state fee waivers, work-study jobs, and scholarships. Loans are now included in part of the financial aid package; but do not get confused, LOANS are not grants and have to be paid back.

You can receive multiple forms of financial aid in combination, but to be considered you must complete a FAFSA or Dream Act application between October 1st and March 2nd. The FAFSA should be completed online at and the Dream ACT application can be completed online at .

Federal Student Aid

FAFSA Helpline

Financial Aid for Dreamers

The CA Dream Act Application is used to determine the California state financial eligibility of students who meet the qualifications of Assembly Bill 540 (AB 540), AB 130 and AB 131. Any aid received can only be used at eligible California institutions.

The CA Dream Act Application is used to apply for state financial aid like the University of California Grants, State University Grants and Community College Board of Governor’s fee waivers. Also, the CA Dream Act Application is used to apply for Cal Grants at California public and private colleges and universities. This is not an application for federal financial aid. Students who have a Social Security Number that was issued after completing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) process must file the Dream Act application. These Social Security cards will say “Valid For Work Only With DHS Authorization.” Other students with Social Security numbers must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA application is completed online at

Applications are available October 1st of each year and due by March 2nd. Students will need to complete the application every year they will be attending a college or university. You can complete the Dream Act Application at

Dream Act Help