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InnovatED- Professional Learning

Professional Learning Platform
Professional Learning Platform
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MUHSD InnovatED professional learning platform is designed to enhance instruction through improving technology skills, facilitating collaboration, increasing productivity, and providing tools and tips for better workflow management and instructional practices for improved teaching and learning.

InnovatED offers:

  • Online, On-demand Professional Learning for Staff
  • Customized Courses for School Sites
  • Online Health-related Certifications for Coaches
  • Curriculum Resources for Teachers
  • MUHSD Institutionalized Professional Practices

To browse the catalog of online course offerings, request an InnovatED account, or enroll in any courses, please visit the MUHSD InnovatED website.

MUHSD InnovatED Website

MUHSD InnovatED Learn. Grow. Innovate.

Curriculum & Technology Support

Curriculum Support Curriculum & Technology SupportTechnology Support
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Erica Cardey

Stacey Cool

List of job responsibilities
List of job responsibilities
List of job responsibilities