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Our desire is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to be educated on a daily basis without interruption. We also desire to put in place policies and procedures to keep all of our students safe on campus. With these in mind, we are asking parents, siblings, relatives, and friends to no longer drop off food, snacks, money etc. at school during the day. Students can bring or purchase lunch, and eligible students can go off campus for lunch on specific days. However, dropping off lunches, snacks, money, Starbucks, etc. will no longer be allowed. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping Golden Valley High School a secure educational environment for all students.

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The Merced County Office of Education has awarded twelve MHS students the Seal of Biliteracy. To earn this special designation, students must demonstrate competency in reading, writing and speaking a second language. Congratulations to these outstanding students!

Rafael Chavez, Cinthia Chavez-Lopez, Lucila Cruz, Adan Gallardo, Yadira Hernandez, Hannah Rose Magtino, Sher Yin Moua, Sayra Ochoa, Ivan Ramirez, Jose Rosas, Florencia Sabao-Schneider, Vanessa Salazar.

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Nearly 300 Merced County students including those from Atwater, Buhach Colony, El Capitan, Golden Valley, Livingston, and Merced high schools will be recognized for demonstrating proficiency in English and another language. The ceremony will be March 15th at 6pm in the El Capitan Theater. Click here to read the article.

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Senior diplomas will be ordered THIS WEEK. In order to ensure that your name is correct on your diploma, please log in to Aeries and check the spelling. Also, check to make sure your last name is correct. Do you have two last names? Is your middle name listed in Aeries?

If you aren't sure, check with your parents. Remember, you only get ONE diploma. If you have questions, please see Ms. Holly Hasenpflug in room 111.

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The True Facts about College Athletic Recruiting

College Athletic Recruiting: Everyone wants to give advice and everyone believes they know all the answers!

Finally, a program that does just that! It gives the answers in a straightforward, no nonsense, entertaining 50-minute presentation.

We have made an investment as a community to provide our student-athletes and parents with information about playing college athletics. This event is designed for every high school parent and their student-athlete. If your son or daughter truly has aspirations to play at the college level, this is a "can't miss" event.

"The Realities of College Athletic Recruiting"
Presented by Jack Renkens
Golden Valley High School - Theater
Monday, March 06, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Former college coach and recruiting expert, Jack Renkens has helped thousands of families around the country head down the right path of finding scholarships. Often it's down a path they didn't know existed.

Any doubts or reservations about attending? Simply check the Recruiting Realities website at

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