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The MUHSD InnovatED professional learning platform is designed to enhance instruction through improving technology skills, facilitating collaboration, increasing productivity, and providing tools and tips for better workflow management and instructional practices for improved teaching and learning. Participants have the opportunity to work at their own pace, in their own place, and self-enroll in courses through the InnovatED catalog.

InnovatED Information

Request Access/New Account

Most MUHSD (employee) accounts already exist in InnovatED, but if your attempts at logging in are unsuccessful, it means you may not have an account created yet. If you suspect you don't have an account yet, please request access for a new account by completing the form below. After submitting your request, be sure to check your inbox (usually within 48hr) for a notification email prompting you to finish your registration in the InnovatED platform.

If you are not a district employee (i.e. walk-on coach, educator from outside district, etc.), you'll need to request a new account for InnovatED by completing the form below.

Extra Compensation Schedule

Interested in Professional Learning?

May 26-Aug 11 is the window for the InnovatED online summer cap of 25hrs. You may complete up to 25 hours between those dates, which earns extra compensation attached to the Sept 30 payroll. You may complete online courses in conjunction with attending Summer Institute. The Summer Institute cap of 25 hrs is separate, but can be completed in addition to any online courses you choose.

Course Finalized with Email Confirmation by:Counts Toward:Paid Out:
Aug 12-Aug 252019-20 28hr capSept 30, 2019
Sept 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Oct 31, 2019

Oct 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Nov 30, 2019

Nov 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Dec 31, 2019

Dec 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Jan 31, 2020
Jan 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Feb 28, 2020

Feb 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Mar 31, 2020

Mar 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Apr 30, 2020

Apr 25

2019-20 28hr cap

May 31, 2020

May 25

2019-20 28hr cap

Jun 30, 2020

Quick Links

All MUHSD staff use the button (LEFT) to log in to InnovatED. Select and use Google account to log in.

Use the button (ABOVE) for online trainings (Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Asthma, Medication, Seizure, Concussions in Sports, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest), and other mandatory staff trainings, such as Sexual Harassment.

Watch this video that demonstrates the whole process of requesting an account through completing online trainings and reporting completion status.

Summer Institute


Check out the schedule for Summer 2019 below!!

Your Learning- Your Choice!

The 2019 Summer Institute will take place June 10-13 at Buhach Colony HS and July 29-Aug 1 at El Capitan HS.

Select only the sessions that interest you (schedule of sessions published April 2019).

Earn extra compensation up to 25 hours (total) for the June + Jul/Aug Summer Institute sessions.

Create a free account in Sched and select sessions while space is available. Individual session capacity is limited. Entry to a given session will be prioritized according to who has signed up and selected sessions through

Participants should bring a device (chromebook, laptop) to be prepared. Cell phone only will not suffice.

Did you know? In addition to attending sessions at the Summer Institute, you can also work on online courses between May 26-Aug 11 and earn up to 25hrs for the summer online cap, as well? Check out the catalog and enroll today!

Call for Presenters

Proposals will be accepted Jan-Mar, 2019.

If you are new to InnovatED, please browse the Course Catalog displayed below. There is information to explain Tier 1 and Tier 2, as well as the schedule for earning extra compensation. MUHSD employees self-enroll into online courses of their choice, using this self-enroll icon Image: self-enroll icon for InnovatED courses found on course description pages. Explore the Course Catalog pages displayed below and enroll today!

Social Media

Link: MUHSD InnovatED Twitter Feed