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MUHSD Goes Solar

MUHSD marked the switch to a new, more eco-friendly power source with a "Flip the Switch" event. Members of the MUHSD Board of Trustees and Cabinet, El Capitan High administration and ENGIE staff were joined by local dignitaries and community members at the event.

"It’s fitting that next week is Earth Day, as we are here to mark a significant milestone that will greatly reduce our environmental footprint," said Deputy Superintendent Ralph Calderon during his speech.

The solar arrays installed at each site came at no upfront cost and will generate 90% of the school district's energy needs. And thanks to a power purchase agreement with ENGIE, MUHSD will pay a fixed rate for power over the next 28 years.

"The partnership is a boon for the school district, the community and the environment," said Mr. Calderon. "Because of the efforts of our Board of Trustees and Superintendent Peterson, Melissa Miller and her team and ENGIE, local families will reap the benefits of this partnership for years to come."

Entertainment was provided during the ceremony by the four-time national champion El Capitan High cheer team which created a special cheer for the occasion. MUHSD Board Trustee Richard Lopez praised ENGIE for completing the project under undesirable circumstances.

"We all had to put things on hold during the pandemic, but the fact that this project was completed during that time is a testament to the character of a company like ENGIE and we are very proud of our partnership," said Mr. Lopez.

"I’m also proud of the fact that when people come to our campuses or just drive by them, you can’t help but see the solar panels," said Mr. Lopez. "It sends a clear message that we care about the community and the environment."

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