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Website Edits and Projects Request Forms

Checklist for Submitting Website Edit & Project Requests

Documents and Spreadsheets

  • Check that your document is saved as a Word (.docx) or Excel (.xls), not a PDF.
  • If you are sharing the document via Google Docs or Spreadsheets, verify that your sharing settings are set at Can View Only.


  • Avoid using images that you do not own or have not created.
  • Give credit to the image source and site it on document or video to avoid copyright violations.
  • Use copyright free images or create your own for commercial activity, profit or fundraising events, and entertainment purposes.
  • Confirm that all students in images or videos have signed a release form on Aeries.


  • All videos need to have captions. Note that automated captions do not meet accessibility guidelines.
  • Visit this link below, if you need assistance in adding captions to your video:

Captioning YouTube Videos Tutorial


  • Share only links to Google Slides. If your presentation was made on Microsoft Powerpoint, upload to it Google Slides to share with Webmaster and Accessibility Coordinator.
  • Verify that your sharing settings are set at Can View Only.

*Note that all important public information for district, staff, parents, students, and community members needs to be displayed on FinalSite and cannot be linked to a third-party website.


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