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Local Business Donates Hand Sanitizer To MUHSD


Corbin Cash Distillery donated 50 gallons of hand sanitizer today to Merced Union High School District (MUHSD). The school district has currently shut down all of its school sites to students, however many employees including cafeteria workers and custodians are still performing essential functions such as maintenance and meal distribution.

Like many other distilleries, Corbin Cash Distillery made the switch to producing hand sanitizer when it became scarce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hand sanitizer has become especially difficult to acquire for businesses outside of the medical field.

“Up until now, hand sanitizer has been unavailable to us which means our essential workers have had to go out of their way to find a place to wash their hands several times a day, which can be very time consuming, said MUHSD Director of Facilities Ted Walstrom. “We are very thankful for Corbin Cash Distillery for their donation so that our employees can be safe and focus on their jobs.”

Corbin Cash Distillery has also provided hand sanitizer for several hospitals and cancer centers in Merced and Fresno, all free of charge. Owner David Souza, an Atwater High graduate, says that he’s just doing his part to help people get through a tough time.

“It feels good to give back to my community and to the medical professionals who are out there saving lives,” said Souza. “If doing this helps them in some small way, then that’s payment enough for me.”