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Merced Promise Event

Merced Promise

A special assembly was held at Gracey Elementary School which was attended by 3rd graders wearing UC Merced and Merced College t-shirts. During the event, the leaders from Merced City School District, Merced Union High School District, Merced College and UC Merced each took turns speaking to the students about the opportunity to fulfill their academic and career goals locally. 

"If you want to become a doctor, an engineer or a teacher...whatever you want to accomplish in your life, you can get it done right here in Merced," Merced City School District (MCSD) Interim Superintendent Doug Collins told the audience. 

Doug Collins speaking

The "Merced Promise" started as a partnership between Merced College and UC Merced and involved streamlining the transfer process for students who wished to attend the UC. MUHSD joined when the Merced Automatic Admissions Program (MAAP) was formed. Announced in early 2021, the MAAP program guarantees admission to UC Merced for MUHSD students who complete certain criteria. And now, MCSD has come into the fold. 

"This is a tremendous day for all local students," said MUHSD Superintendent Alan Peterson. "The communication and collaboration between MCSD, MUHSD, Merced College and UC Merced is better then it's ever been and the students will be the benefactors from this work." 

During his speech, Merced College President Chris Vitelli asked the students to stand up, raise their right hand and promise to do their best in school. In return, Vitelli said that they will have every opportunity to reach their goals. 

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Mr Peterson Speaks
Students taking pledge
Chancellor Munoz
Chris Vitelli
3rd graders