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Maintenance & Operations

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to create and maintain a safe educational working environment for students and staff in a timely manner with pride.

Mark Gottschall

Mark Gottschall

Maintenance & Operations Director
District Office



Maintenance & Operations

E-RATE Projects


Maintenance & Operations Staff

Mauro Souza Maintenance and Operations Manager
Nina Ribeiro M&O Assistant
Paul Fragulia Plumber
Mike Villegas Plumber
Rick Sanchez Plumber
Eduardo Cortez Low Voltage Technician
Juan Mendoza Electrician - High Voltage
Jesus Sanchez Electrician - High Voltage
Roger Miller Electrician - High Voltage
Serafin Zaragoza Painter
Bill Deming Painter
David Rojas Locksmith
Albino Salcedo General Maintenance
Walter Fernandes General Maintenance
Duarte Sousa General Maintenance
Steve Frank HVAC Technician
Jessie Valenzuela HVAC Technician
Oscar Valdez HVAC Technician
John Sanchotena Jr HVAC Technician


Grounds Staff


PJ Coronado  Grounds Supervisor
Damien Castellon Groundskeeper
Frank Martinez Groundskeeper
Chance Gutierrez Groundskeeper
Tony Sanchez Groundskeeper
Dallas Hernandez Groundskeeper
Edgar Monroy Groundskeeper
Blue Arceo Groundskeeper
Hank Martinez Groundskeeper