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MUHSD and Merced College Equivalent Courses

  • Equivalent courses are in lieu of MUHSD courses, which meet graduation requirements.
  • The following courses will be given an additional grade weight with a C or better final grade.
  • CCAP courses are for MUHSD only. No tuition fees or book fees are associated with CCAP courses.
  • Note HIST-04A, HIST-04B, HIST-17A, HIST-17B, POSC-01, ECON-01, and ECON-02 are semester courses. Students must take a full year of the course to earn a full year of credit for MUHSD graduation.
  • College courses taken prior to the summer before 9th grade cannot be added to the MUHSD transcript.

Please view the Merced Union High School District/Merced College Equivalent Courses and College Career Access Pathway (CCAP) to see all courses.