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K-12 Enrollment at Merced College

Thank you for your interest in and support of education. Merced College wants each student’s experience to be positive and successful, and we believe the information below is important for you to know. Parents or guardians of K-12 students should understand that Merced College classes are not an extension of secondary school classes and that there will be significant differences in the educational experience. The items for your consideration, which are guidelines related to K-12 students, include:

1. K-12 students must be present or have given signed written permission to their parent/guardian in order to enroll in classes. EXCEPTION: AB288/CCAP enrollment will be collected at the high school for batch registration.

2. K-12 students are required to pay for the mandated health fee and for their textbooks or other required classroom supplies. (If the K-12 student is enrolling for fewer than 12 units, no enrollment fees will be assessed other than the health fee) EXCEPTION: AB288/CCAP designated classes held on the high school campus have no fees to the student.

3. K-12 students will be held to the same grading standards as adult students. Their grades will become a part of a permanent academic record at Merced College EXCEPTION: Students taking AB288/CCAP classes acknowledge that grades earned from these classes will be shared with the students High School district.

4. K-12 students may be in an adult instructional environment. They may be exposed to subjects of an adult nature.

5. K-12 students are not supervised while they are on campus grounds.

6. K-12 students will not receive special counseling or support from the college’s student services programs beyond what is provided for older students.

7. K-12 student records are considered confidential. Parents or guardians are not notified and may not obtain student progress, final grade or attendance information without the signed written permission of the student. (FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 20U.S.C.& 1232g; 34 CFT Part 99)

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of the student’s enrollment at Merced College, you are encouraged to speak with their school counselor, and/or the college.