Account Information

Merced Union High School District is a Google Apps for Education district. All students and staff have district-provided email accounts that provide access to the entire suite of Google products, such as YouTube, Drive, Draw, and Calendar. Even though we use the Google platform the accounts and all of the data within them are owned by the district. District administration and IT staff can access all data generated in school-provided accounts (i.e. there is no expectation of privacy on school accounts or equipment).

Student Google accounts

  • Students can sign in to their account at
  • MUHSD devices can only be logged on using MUHSD-provided accounts.
  • For all Google account problems see the site library staff.
  • Student email addresses are composed of the student's first initial, their last name, their permanent ID number, and ""
    • Example 1: Joe Smith, ID number 112358 has email address
    • Example 2: Mary Jones-Brown, ID number 314159 has email address
    • Example 3: Alexis Miller Wright, ID number 135711 has email address
  • Students temporary password, for first login only, is their birth date written as an 8-digit number
    • Example 1: Joe's birth date is February 14, 2002. His password is 02142002
    • Example 2: Mary's birth date is July 4, 1999. Her password is 07041999
    • Example 3: Alexis' birth date is December 25, 2001. Her password is 12252001
  • When students first log in they will be required to change their passwords. Passwords should meet the following criteria:
    • Passwords must be at least 8 characters long
    • Passwords should be easy for the student to remember but hard for others to guess
    • Longer passwords are harder to crack. A multi-word phrase is a good password
    • Numbers and special characters can make a password harder to crack
  • Why students should check their email daily:
    • Email is still an important means of communication in most industries-- develop the habit of checking it daily
    • Important announcements from principals, counselors, library staff, the student body office, and college and career counselors are usually sent by email.

Staff Google accounts

Staff accounts are composed of the employee's first initial and last name followed by "" Because there are multiple staff with the same first initial and last name there is some variation on this formula. Please visit the appropriate site's directory to confirm the address. Staff accounts are created by district office employees. The site library staff can reset staff passwords and troubleshoot account problems.

Student Domain Accounts

Students taking classes that require access to a Windows PC (Digital Media, Computer Apps, Programming, etc.) will be given accounts on the MUHSD domain. Domain accounts are maintained by the site computer technicians. Please ask your teacher for assistance with domain accounts.

Staff Domain Accounts

Staff domain accounts are maintained by the site computer technicians. Staff passwords must be changed every six months.

Other Accounts

Accounts for other school-provided online resources (Odysseyware, My HRW, GradPoint, etc.) are maintained by various people in the district. Please see your site library staff to troubleshoot problems and/or to be referred to the appropriate staff member.