Responsible Use Policy

All students and staff are required to read, sign, and abide by the district's "Responsible Use of Internet and Technology" Policy (RUP). Dependent students must also have a parent or guardian sign. Copies of the student RUP can be picked up from one of the district libraries. Downloadable/printable copies can be accessed by clicking on the links below. The entire text of the student RUP is listed below the links.

PDF version of the student and parent Responsible Use of Internet and Technology" Policy

Versión PDF del contrato de Uso Responsable De Recursos De Internet y Tecnología Para Alumnos y Padres



Merced Union High School District’s (District) Responsible Use of Internet and Technology Resources Contract for Students and Parents (Contract) applies to student use of the Internet and Technology Resources, including computers and Electronic Communication Devices, provided by the District, used on District property, and/or used off campus in connection with District activity or attendance. All such use must be responsible, proper, and supportive of the instructional program for the advancement of student learning. Electronic Communication Devices (ECDs) means any electronic apparatus capable of sending, receiving, reproducing, recording, storing, processing, displaying, and/or transmitting data, voice, text, and/or video/photo images. This generally includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, laptops, netbooks, Chromebooks, Smartphones, tablets, Media Players, memory sticks, and other current and future similar devices.

The Internet offers access to computers and people across the world through, for example, e-mail, chat rooms, and social networking sites. The protection of students is of paramount concern to the Merced Union High School District. The District uses a CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) compliant filter, and school staff monitor and supervise student use of the Internet and District Technology Resources provided by the District and used on District property. However, it is impossible to control access to all material. As a result, users (and parents of users who are students) must understand that neither the MUHSD nor its staff members control or condone the content of the information available through the Internet or Technology Resources. Some of the information available through the Internet and Technology Resources is controversial and may be offensive.

Internet and Technology Resources must be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, legal, and safe manner.Care of electronic devices distributed by MUHSD is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to which it is assigned. This includes costs associated with damages and lost or theft. The District provides each student free Internet access while on-campus and a District e-mail account for educational/instructional purposes. Each student is responsible at all times for their proper use.

SAFETY. For the safety of the students, we suggest that users:

  • Change passwords frequently and do not give passwords to any others
  • Do not share account numbers, home addresses, last names, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, or any other identifiable information, unless instructed otherwise by school personnel
  • Do not share passwords or accounts
  • Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone you “meet” on the Internet


In order to use the Internet and Technology Resources provided by the District, used on District property, and/or used off campus in connection with District activity or attendance users must not engage in any irresponsible uses including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Any practices or activity prohibited by law, Board policy, or administrative regulations
  • Accessing, posting, forwarding, texting, submitting, publishing, or displaying inappropriate matter that is threatening, obscene, libelous, slanderous, disruptive, unlawful, or sexually explicit; incites students to commit unlawful acts on school premises; or that could be construed as harassment, discrimination, or disparagement of others based on their actual or perceived sex, gender, ethnic group identification, race, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability, age, or sexual orientation
  • Engaging in cyberbullying, sexting, or harassment
  • Engaging in use for the purpose of seeking financial or personal gain, engaging in political activity, or conducting commercial activity
  • Engaging in any illegal activity in violation of state or federal laws or regulations
  • Encouraging the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Promoting unethical activities, such as cheating on assignments or tests
  • Copying copyrighted material, commercial software, or files in violation of copyright laws
  • Intentionally uploading, downloading, or creating computer viruses and/or maliciously attempting to harm or destroy District equipment or materials, or manipulating the data of any other user, including so-called “hacking”
  • Interfering with other users’ ability to send or receive email
  • Attempting to read, delete, copy, modify, or use another individual’s identity or private information
  • Using others’ passwords
  • Trespassing in others’ folders, work or files
  • Impersonating another person or falsifying location, identity, or computer information
  • Accessing social networking sites, chat rooms, music or video, unless approved by District
  • Instant Messaging, unless approved by District
  • Posting personal information (yours or others) for purposes that are not academic or educational
  • Use of proxies or other means of accessing filtered web sites
  • Use of unauthorized software

The MUHSD reserves the right to monitor all Internet and Technology Resources for improper use. Electronic communications and downloaded material, including files deleted from a user’s account, may be reviewed by District officials to ensure proper use of the system. Note that system operators will have access to all user accounts, including e-mail sent while using the District’s Internet connections. Where legal violations have occurred, law enforcement will be notified and potential criminal charges filed.


The principal or designee shall make all decisions regarding whether or not a student has violated this Contract. The decision of the principal shall be final. Irresponsible use may result in cancellation of the student’s user privileges, disciplinary action, and/or legal action in accordance with law and Board policy.


Student’s Name: _____________________________________ Perm I.D. # (6 digits) __________________

School: ________________________________________ Graduation Year: ____________


By signing below, I acknowledge and understand that if I violate the District’s Responsible Use of Internet and Technology Resources Contract for Students and Parents or use the Internet or the District’s Technology Resources in an irresponsible manner, my use privileges may be taken away, my parent/guardian may be notified, and I may be subject to student discipline.

Student’s Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ___________________________


I have read the District’s Responsible Use of Internet and Technology Resources Contract for Students and Parents (Contract) and hereby agree to its provisions. I understand that the use of the Internet and Technology Resources can connect students to computers throughout the world and that it is impossible for the District to control access to all material available through the Internet and Technology Resources. When using the Internet or Technology Resources, I realize that students may read or access material that I might consider controversial or offensive.

The MUHSD has my permission to give an Internet account to my child. I understand that my child may keep this account as long as the Contract is not violated and that the principal or designee shall make all decisions regarding whether or not a student has violated this Contract..

In consideration of the above, I agree to not hold the District or any District staff responsible for the failure of any technology protection measures, violations of copyright restrictions, or users’ mistakes or negligence. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the District and District personnel for any damages or costs incurred.

Parent’s name: _________________________________________________________________

Parent’s signature: _________________________________________ Date: _________________