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D.R.C. & U.D.A.

MUHSD Day Reporting Center (DRC) and Understanding Drugs and Alcohol (UDA)

MUHSD Day Reporting Center (DRC)

DRC is intended to provide time for Associate Principal to create the site based intervention Family Engagement Meeting (FEM) for the behavior being exhibited by the student.  Family Engagement Meeting should be documented in the Administrative Decision section of AERIES (with the date the meeting was held). 

MUHSD Understanding Drugs and Alcohol (UDA)

The UDA program is a comprehensive multi-tiered intervention program which aims to impact student perception and decision-making around substance use in a way that reduces risk and improves student physical, social/emotional, and educational development. The curriculum used in UDA Education is grounded in evidence-based theory (Motivational Interviewing, Choice Theory, Impact Therapy) and the lessons are derived from two evidenced based programs - Brief Intervention and Project Towards No Drug Abuse. 

DRC/UDA Personnel

  • Intervention Teacher: Mark Gutierrez
  • Intervention Specialist: Phil Jenkins
  • Intervention Specialist: Bonny Siharath
  • Intervention Counselor: Darren Leonardo


East Campus Educational Center Room 24

DRC/UDA Schedule




UDA Topic Day 1 

UDA Topic Day 2 

UDA Topic Day 3 




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Drugs & Their Effects


Myths & Denials


Triggers & Relapse Prevention






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Your Body on Drugs (video)


I’m Addicted (video)


Friendship and Communication






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Adolescent Development


Pros & Cons


Goal Setting



Students will be removed from DRC/UDA after progressive discipline (3 AERIES documented interventions).   Engaging in any of the following infractions will result in immediate dismissal from DRC/UDA: willful use of violence, fight, confrontive behavior, hostile environment, upbraiding, and aiding and abetting injury.  DRC/UDA personnel will contact the site for transport and Mr. Johnson and/or Debbie Perez for notification.  


Understanding Drugs & Alcohol/ Day Reporting Center

UDA Virtual Back to School Night