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Early Completion Option

Senate Bill 57 (Scott) was signed in 2001 adding Section 44468 to the Education Code related to teacher credentialing. Education Code Section 44468(a) allows eligible individuals to complete a Commission-approved professional teacher induction program at a faster pace than the full two years generally required, known as the Early Completion Option (ECO).  The MUHSD Induction Program provides an opportunity for teachers who are experienced and exceptional to complete Induction in one year and has established the following criteria for (ECO) eligibility:

  1. The ECO candidate must have a California preliminary single subject, multiple subject, or education specialist credential;

  2. The ECO candidate must be teacher of record in an assignment that is appropriately aligned with the teaching credential; 

  3. The ECO candidate (#1a) must have a recommendation from his/her current principal indicating one year of mentoring is sufficient support, as evidenced by completion of this form (10pt) and the Induction Director will gather input from the site instructional coach and mentor (10pt).

  4. The ECO candidate must fall into one of the following descriptors:

  • have two or more years of successful teaching in a California public school under a pre-intern certificate and/or intern certificate as evidenced by a letter from the intern program or appropriate transcripts, or

  • have two or more years of successful teaching experience as a teacher of record in an accredited (as determined by the Commission) private school as evidenced by a letter from the employing district and verification of accreditation, or

  • have two or more years of successful teaching as a teacher of record in a school in another state or country as evidenced by positive evaluations.

Evidence of practice showing demonstration of  knowledge and use of the following specific teaching skills in the classroom (may be lesson plans, videos of live instruction, sample projects with brief narrative/annotation of what it is and how it qualifies as evidence of practice, etc.):

  • (#2) Teaching English Learners (10pt)

  • (#3) Meeting the needs of students with disabilities in the regular classroom (10pt)

  • (#4) Supporting equity and diversity and access to the core curriculum for all students (10pt)

  • (#5) Creating a supportive and healthy environment for students' learning (10pt)

  • (#6) Using technology to support student learning (10pt)

  • (#7) Planning instruction that addresses core academic content standards and employs appropriate subject specific pedagogy (10pt)

Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency and the highest level of professionalism when completing all the required elements of the Early Completion Option. Any candidate failing to do so, will be restored to the full two-year Induction Program. Candidates who want to contest a denial of entrance into the ECO program may file a grievance in accordance with the grievance policy.

 If you believe you qualify:

(#8) Complete this application (click to make your own copy)

Create a Google folder. Ensure the Google folder is accessible to "anyone with the link." In the Google folder, there should be 8 items total (corresponding to the bold numbered items listed above). Ensure that each item in your Google folder is clearly labeled with numbers 1-8, so that each item is easily identified.

Submit the SHARE link to your Google folder by the deadline, Sept 22. Then, arrange for the Induction Program Director to conduct an observation in your classroom for one class period between Sept 15-Sept 30. Prior to the observation (24hrs), candidate will provide an annotated lesson plan highlighting MUHSD Must Haves and CSTPs (20pt).

A final score of 90pt or higher will qualify for the Early Completion Option.