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Goals & Expected Outcomes

Program Goals

1. Develop teacher capacity and accelerate teacher development as defined in the CSTP.

2. Ensure that qualified participating teachers receive their Professional Clear Teaching Credential.

3. Direct support toward improving student achievement.

4. Use ILP and collaborative conversation protocols to develop practices and guide support.

5. Provide professional growth opportunities.

6. Model and encourage continual self-assessment and reflection.

7. Foster collaboration and leadership among teachers.


Expected Outcomes for Candidates 

Candidates will demonstrate their proficiency in the following areas: 

  • Engage All Students  

    • learning and leveraging knowledge about students’ backgrounds and cultures  

    • implementing strategies to engage students who are English learners and students from special populations  

  • Create and Maintain Effective Environments for Student Learning  

    • providing social, academic, physical, and emotional safety  

    • demonstrating and expecting from students a respect and appreciation for individual differences  

  • Understand and Organize Subject Matter for Student Learning  

    • providing effective standards-based instruction using student-centered strategies

  • Plan Instruction and Design Learning Experiences for All Students  

    • providing access to the core curriculum for all students with universal design principles in mind 

    • integrating the use of technology  

  • Assess Student Learning  

    • utilizing knowledge of student performance data to appropriately plan instruction and set learning goals for students  

  • Develop as a Professional Educator  

    • moving toward mastery of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession