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Bloss GRADUATE Application


Deadline: March 20th

Who is Eligible?

  • Must have graduated from the Merced Union High School District no earlier than 1973, or any year thereafter.
  • Minimum Cumulative College GPA of 2.8.
  • Must be enrolled in a California accredited post-secondary school.
  • Shall be ineligible to apply after 4 years or completion of a baccalaureate degree.
  • Must be Enrolled in 12 or more units.


Bloss awards must be applied for annually. Applications are available December 1st, online from the “College & Scholarship” website. Make sure you are clicking on Bloss for Graduate application.

      • Applications must be Submitted online by March 20th by midnight.

Official Transcript

  1. Graduates must send an official college transcript from ALL colleges (including Merced College of courses taken in High School).
  2. Send official transcripts to the high school you graduated from by March 20th (see below for school address). When sending official transcripts through an electronic service, please use the following email address:
  3. IMPORTANT: Applicants must order official transcripts ahead of time to ensure that they are postmarked by deadline date, March 20th. Late transcripts will automatically decline your application.

NOTE: A complete transcript must include fall semester grades.


  • Awards for community college are disbursed in the amount of $300 per year.
  • Awards granted to a student attending a four-year institution or vocational program vary depending on available funds (ranging from $500 to $2000).
  • Awards will be disbursed in two equal payments annually (September and February) to the financial aid office of the college you are attending.
  • The first one-half of the award will be disbursed in September and sent to the College you noted on the application.
      • College will verify full time enrollment of 12 or more units.
  • The second one-half will be disbursed upon verification of enrollment by the college in February
      • Completion of 12 or more units for the immediately preceding semester or quarter with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Bloss awards shall not be made to students where the receipt of such award would reduce the amounts of awards from other sources.
  • For questions or concerns, please email:, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PREVIOUS HIGH SCHOOL IN THE EMAIL.

SEND OFFICIAL COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS TO THE HIGH SCHOOL YOU GRADUATED FROM: Listed below are the addresses and phone numbers. Please include: Attention Bloss Committee

    Atwater High School
    P. O. Box 835
    Atwater, CA 95301
    (209) 325-1260

    Buhach Colony High School
    P.O. Box 753
    Atwater, CA 95301
    (209) 325-1460

    El Capitan HighSchool
    P. O. Box 2247
    Merced, CA 95344
    (209) 384-5529

    Golden Valley High School
    P. O. Box 2188
    Merced, CA 95344
    (209) 325-1860

    Livingston High School
    617 Main Street
    Livingston, CA 95334
    (209) 398-3260

    Merced High School
    P. O. Box 2167
    Merced, CA 95344
    (209) 325-1060

    Adult School, Independence High School or Yosemite High School
    1900 G. Street Merced, CA 95340

    Please Note: THE APPLICATION CANNOT BE SAVED. Before you start the application, complete a BRIEF essay (maximum of 3000 characters). Prompt: Please type a brief description of your future plans; both academic and vocational. Also indicate any other pertinent information that would be helpful to the selection committee.

    If you change colleges, contact Theresa Nichols at 325-2036 or email: