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Guidance AP Meetings & Agendas

Counselor Quarterly Meeting

September 21, 2017

District Office Board Room

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Counseling Q & A - Constantino Aguilar

  1. What is the expectation to begin and end registration?
  2. Do we have common registration forms?
  3. Is registration being done online?
  4. What is the status of the counseling tools we previewed with Spacebar Technologies?
  5. Does Educational Services have an equivalency chart for MUHSD and MC courses?
  6. Is there a cap for the number of MC courses students can take for MUHSD credit?
  7. Must a student have a college course on their transcript if they enroll in a college course?
  8. Are students going to get an extra grade point for college courses?

Counseling Guide Check-In - Constantino Aguilar

  1. What are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding the MUHSD Counseling Guide?

Aeries - Clara Lopez

  1. Updates with Aeries.

Quick Guide to New Class page

College Counseling News - Brandee and Gena

  1. Cal Grant update
  2. FAFSA update
  3. What is the best way to have students give us authorization to send their information to colleges, universities and financial aid offices?
  4. Transition of CSU Mentor to Cal State Apply

Course Certifications - Stacey Cool

  1. Latest updates - Courses added / subtracted
  2. Viewing UC Doorways
    1. For our district - advantages: greater course detail
      1. Make an account for the Course Management Portal - Please do in advance
      2. Can select school or district level
      3. Select job role as counselor or site admin
    2. Merced College
    3. Merced County ROP
    4. Project Lead the Way
    5. UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM (C-STEM)
    6. University of California Curriculum Integration (UCCI)
  3. Going forward - as courses go through Curriculum Council, they will immediately begin the UC Doorways process
    1. Course approval window February 1 - September 15
      1. The sooner we submit, the more revisions we get
    2. Requires a detailed syllabus submission unless it is articulated with one of the groups above (c-f) or an AP Course (then teacher syllabus number is required)
    3. Course Submission Planning Form
  4. NCAA Eligibility Center
    1. Initial Eligibility Brochure
    2. Division I and II Course Planning Worksheet
    3. 2017-18 Guide for HS Counselors
    4. Archives of and Subscribe to the NCAA HS Newsletter
    5. Viewing our courses
      1. Select List of NCAA Courses
      2. Select State and City to find your school

McKinney Vento and Foster Youth - Debbie Glass

  1. AERIES Tagging for HM and FY students
  2. Foster Youth
    1. AB 167/216 and AB 1806
    2. Partial Credit Policy
    3. Educational Rights Holder & IEPs
  3. McKinney-Vento
    1. Overview of McKinney-Vento Laws and Services
      1. Discuss referral process and service delivery
    2. Case Management Support for HM students