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Sexual Harassment

What is it?

Students are protected against sexual harassment by anyone in any school program or activity, including on the school campus, on the school bus, or off-campus during a school-sponsored activity.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical behavior that is sexual in nature when:

  • A student is led to believe that he or she must submit to unwelcome sexual conduct or communications as a condition of the student’s academic status or progress, or the conduct is used as a basis for any decision affecting the student regarding a benefit or service, honors, a place on a sports team, programs, or other District activities, or
  • The conduct has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact on a student's educational performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment.


  • Pressuring a person for sexual favors
  • Unwelcoming leering, sexual flirtations, or propositions
  • Unwelcome touching of a sexual nature (massaging, grabbing, fondling, stroking or brushing the body, or touching someone's clothes or body in a sexual manner)
  • Unwelcome sexual slurs, threats, verbal abuse, derogatory comments, or sexually degrading descriptions
  • Graphic verbal comments about an indivdual's body, or overly personal conversation
  • Writing graffiti of a sexual nature
  • Distributing sexually explicit texts, pictures, messages, emails, posters, notes, stories, cartoons, drawings (handwritten or computer generated)
  • Making sexual jokes, rumors, remarks
  • Sexual violence, including rape, sexual battery, sexual assault or sexual coercion
  • Dating violence and relationship abuse

How to Report

If you experience sexual harassment, bullying, or other harassment, notify any staff member. You may also text or call an anonymous tips.

TIP 411

This an anonymous tip line to alert administration of bullying an other threats to the safety and well-being of our students and staff.

SchoolTIP Line
AHS- Text "Falcon" + your tip847411

BCHS- Text "Thunder" + your tip


ECHS HS- Text "Gauchos" + your tip


GVHS- Text "Cougars" + your tip


LHS- Text "Wolves" + your tip


MHS- Text "Bears" + your tip


YHS- Text "Dragon" + your tip



These are direct phone lines to contact administration of bullying an other threats to the safety and well-being of our students and staff.

SchoolPhone Number
Atwater HS


Buhach Colony HS325-1447
El Capitan HS384-5545
Golden Valley HS325-1847
Livingston HS398-3247
Merced HS325-1047
East Campus Education Center325-1647