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Homeless Youth Support Guidelines

If a school staff person becomes aware that a student may be dealing with challenges concerning his/her housing situation, here are the steps to providing support:

  1. Send the student to the counselor, who will complete the Student Services Questionnaire and have the student sign and date it. If a parent/guardian is present, he/she should sign the questionnaire.
  2. The questionnaire is forwarded to the Homeless Youth Liaison through district mail or scanned to the liaison can also be reached at 325-2113.
  3. The Homeless Youth Liaison will meet with the student and complete an Intake and Referral form. Once the form is completed, the parent or eligible student will sign to begin receiving services under the McKinney-Vento Program.
  4. Available supports for students with the McKinney-Vento program are:
    1. School supplies
    2. School clothing
    3. Academic support
    4. Behavior support
    5. Referral for food assistance
    6. Medical referral
    7. Mental health support
    8. Community agency referral