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Student Assistance Program

1718MUHSD Student Assistance Programs

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School Health Services Manager

Sierra Vista TIPS Counselor

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with MUHSD Program Manager (Foster and Homeless Youth).
  • Engage, advise and provide resources for students, primarily foster youth, then, homeless youth and other students as referred by school staff.
  • Assist with development and presentation of workshops for regularly scheduled Foster Youth/ advocate meetings.
  • Make appropriate referrals to internal student support services. For example, nurse, Sierra Vista clinician, counselor.
  • Foster Youth Advocate- meet with each foster youth once a month to provide youth leadership development (assist in access to school and community activities), promote achievement goals (review academic progress), and provide
  • Act as a resource to site community liaisons to provide referrals to community agencies to meet the needs of parents, students and the community, on request.
  • Make referrals to outside agencies based on community resource list. Update list with new community agencies.
  • Indirectly provide support for staff as needed to supply community resource information.

social-emotional support.

  • Assess students (referrals from school counselors and school staff)
  • Provide therapeutic counseling to students with IEPs (service and goals should be part of the IEP)
  • Provide feedback about students’ progress towards goals to case managers and counselors
  • Provide therapeutic counseling to general ed students
  • Lead Group Therapy and Group Support with input about needs from counselors and admin)
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Provide Tier 3 AMP (referred into sessions by school counselor)
  • Conduct Family and Home Sessions
  • Make student referrals to outside agencies
  • Work with parents to make referrals to outside agencies and provide resources
  • Make referrals to appropriate school personnel (nurse, counselor, LCH)
  • Provide staff training on mental health issues