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Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment

What is C.O.P.E.?

COPE stands for Creating Options for Personal Empowerment. COPE is designed to help educate students about the negative impact that violence has on their safety, the safety of the others, and their education.

COPE discusses violence prevention and will teach students problem solving skills they can use in anger situations. COPE also addresses the stressors and issues for students from violent families.

Students will be completing homework from their school site

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Voluntary Referral Form

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Link: COPE Voluntary Removal Form

COPE Brochure

Daily Schedule

Students can arrive at 8am

8:45 - Start

10:15 - Break (10:30 - Wed.)

11:30 - Lunch

TBA - Break

3:15 - Release

Our Location

1900 G Street, Merced, CA 95340- Rooms 25 & 26

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