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MUHSD Comprehensive Plan and Prevention Practices

Comprehensive Plan

The MUHSD staff utilizes a multi-pronged approach to sexual harassment and bullying, including accountability measures, clear policies and procedures, and regular training for all.

MUHSD Comprehensive Plan

Detailed Sexual Harassment/ Bullying Action Plan

Prevention Practices for Harassment

Committed & Engaged Leadership

  • Clarity-harassments unacceptable
  • Allocating resources
  • Personnel time- dedicated training
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of practices

Consistent & Demonstrated Accountability

  • Clear messaging regarding investigation & follow-up
  • Alignment of discipline policy, penal code & Title IX regulations

Strong & Comprehensive Harassment Policies

  • Policies updated to reflect new regulations & guidance

Trusted & Accessible Complaint Procedures

  • Complaint procedures clear
  • Investigation processes consistent
  • Accessible to parents, staff, students
  • Multiple languages

Regular, Interactive Training Tailored to Audience

  • Annual training for all admin (recognizing, receiving, responding, investigation & follow-up
  • Organizational power structures
  • Training for teachers
  • Freshman health class for students
  • Flyer & training for parents

Maintaining Consistent and Appropriate Documentation

  • Title IX Coordinator creates log of complaints
  • Title IX Coordinator oversees site and district confidential documentation system, including effective communications with parents, corrective plans and follow-up, appropriate use of personnel files

Proactive Efforts to Check, Address and Modify “Culture and Climate” Issues

  • Implement culture and climate assessment tools
  • Consider multicultural issues
  • Focus on prevention by including involvement of all genders in prevention efforts
  • Consider “bystander” interventions and training

*Adapted from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission “Promising Practices for Preventing Harassment” with revisions per Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

MUHSD Practices for Preventing Harassment