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Version 2017-18

2017-2018 MUHSD Coaching Handbook


Unit 1 Coaches Code of Conduct (CIF) Unit 2 Coaches Expectations and Responsibilities

Unit 3 Coaches Supervision and Day to Day Responsibilities

Unit 4 Employment of Assistant and Volunteer Coaches

Unit 5 Athletic Director / Coaches

o Appendix A – Guidelines for coaching in hot weather

o Appendix B – MRSA

o Appendix C – MUHSD Transportation Guidelines

o Appendix D – MUHSD Volunteer Assistants BP 1240

o Appendix E – MUHSD Hiring policy for coaches


We believe that those who coach student-athletes are first and foremost, teachers who have a duty to assure that their sports programs promote important life skills and the development of good character. We believe that the essential elements of character-building are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core ethical values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship (the "Six Pillars of Character"). We believe, further, that the highest potential of sports is achieved when teacher-coaches consciously Teach, Enforce, Advocate and Model (T.E.A.M.) these values and are committed to the ideal of pursuing victory with honor. Finally, we believe that sincere and good-faith efforts to honor the words and spirit of this Code will improve the quality of our programs and the wellbeing of our student-athletes. This Code of Conduct applies to all full-time and part-time coaches involved in interscholastic sports.

I understand that in my position as a coach, I must act in accord with the following code:

  1. Trustworthiness; be worthy of trust in all I do and teach student-athletes the importance of integrity, honesty, reliability and loyalty.
  2. Respect — treat all people with respect all the time and require the same of student-athletes.
  3. Responsibility- Life Skills, Advocate Education, Advocate Honor, Character, Role-Modeling, Personal Conduct, Competence, Knowledge of Rules, Positive Environment, Safety and Health, Unhealthy Substances, Eating Disorder, Integrity of the Game, Enforcing Rule, and Protect Athletes.
  4. Fair and Open — be fair in competitive situations, selecting a team, disciplinary issues and all other matters; and be open-minded and willing to listen and learn.
  5. Safe Competition — put safety and health considerations above the desire to win; never permit student-athletes to intentionally injure any player or engage in reckless behavior that might cause injury to themselves or others.
  6. Caring Environment — consistently demonstrate concern for student-athletes as individuals and encourage them to look out for one another and think and act as a team.
  7. Honor the Spirit of Rules — observe and require student-athletes to observe the spirit and the letter of all rules including the rules of the game and those relating to eligibility, recruitment, transfers, practices and other provisions regulating interscholastic competition.
  8. Improper Gamesmanship — promote sportsmanship above gamesmanship.

I will act in accord with this code. I understand that school (and district) officials as well as league and section officials will and should expect that I will follow this code.



Before any athlete is allowed to participate in any sport, he/she must complete the “Athletic Participation Form,” Participation include tryouts. If the athlete is having a physical examination done with his/her private doctor, the doctor completing the physical examination must sign this form. All seven areas of the APF must be completed: personal information, insurance coverage, signed by a physician (no chiropractors), Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Concussion Information and the reverse. A copy of the form will be given to the head coach of the sport in which the athlete participates and the original will be kept in the SBO. Copies of this form for each athlete must be kept by the coach and carried to all athletic events and practices.


To be eligible to represent the school in an athletic contest a student must:

  1. Have an “Athletic Participation Form” on file signed by a doctor and parent.
  2. Show proof of Insurance: Student athlete insurance is available for purchase through the school's student body office.
  3. Meet residence requirements as specified by the MUHSD and CIF (See CIF Manual for requirements).
  4. Prior approval for any absence must be approved by the principal or designee for all co-curricular activity. Otherwise, students must be present for all periods of the day to be eligible to participate in any co-curricular activities.
  5. Athletes must have a 2.0 G.P.A. or higher with no more than one “F” in order to participate in any athletic event. Ineligibility is for one grading period and starts and stops on the sixth school day following the end of a grading period. Semester grades take precedence over quarter grades issued at the end of any semester.

Suggested Topics for Sport Pre-Season Meeting

  1. Sport Specific
  1. Coaching Philosophy.
  2. Schedules: games, scrimmages and practice times for the entire season.
  3. Student injury care and protocol.
  4. Eligibility requirements and timelines
  5. Student transportation policies and parents’ responsibilities.
  1. Coach- Parent Communication
  1. Communication coaches should expect from parents:
  1. Specific concerns with regard to coach’s philosophy and/or expectations.
  2. Notification of any illness, injury, or missed practices.
  3. The treatment of their child, mentally and physically.
  4. Ways to help their child improve.
  5. Concerns about their child’s behavior.
  1. Parents should not: Confront the coach before or after a game/practice to discuss coaching decisions, team strategy, playing time. While there may be valid concerns it is advised that parents schedule a meeting with the coach and or AD/Associate Principal.Under no circumstance is it appropriate to discuss and or critique other student athletes.


The Merced Union High School District believes that athletic participation enables young men and women to handle stress, learn self-discipline, and meet the challenge of facing other individuals mentally, physically, and emotionally. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and how to win and lose gracefully are integral parts of our athletic program. As coaches, our approach should be to enthusiastically develop and guide the student athletes to their fullest potential. An athlete's potential will be fully realized when the following ideals are present:

  • To be a role model to the program and its athletes based on your experience, knowledge, and values.
  • Consistently motivate and challenge the athletes.
  • Provide a well-supervised athletic program for as many students as possible, ensuring the well-being of the student athlete.
  • Develop a successful program. Winning is not always the best measurement, but it is very important to the credibility of your program. How your teams handle losing will also be a measure of your success as a coach.
  • Be a proponent of the entire sporting community at your high school.
  • Actively encourage your players to be multiple sport athletes.
  • Your athletes are the reason you are coaching. Promote an athlete first winning second philosophy.

MUHSD - Athletic code of conduct



The head coach will be responsible to set up their non-league schedule for their sport. Firm commitments and actual game contracts must be done under the supervision of the Athletic Director/AP overseeing athletics for each site.


  1. Athletes must report all injuries immediately to a member of the coaching or training staff. If a potential head injury/concussion is suspected, the Concussion Protocol forms must be submitted as well.
  2. Head coach must fill out and sign an accident report and return it to the SBO within 24 hours or the initial injury.
  3. In any emergency, immediately call 911.

When an injury occurs, follow these procedures:

  1. Give first aid as needed.
  2. Call parents. (Refer to the “Athletic Participation Form” for parent contact) Every head coach must have this form on file and readily available in his or her possession at every team event, practice and game for every student athlete. This includes athletes, managers and stat keepers that are connected in any capacity with the team.
  3. Students should be released to parents or relatives. If one is not available, the coach is to be considered as the parent in absentia. The coach is responsible to make sure the student has received proper treatment.
  4. Do not leave your athlete alone.
  5. Do not move the athlete if the injury appears to be the head or back. When in doubt, do not move the athlete and immediately call 911 for an ambulance.
  6. If an athlete has been under a doctor’s care and is unable to practice, he/she will need the doctor’s approval of release before he/she may return to practice or competition. This must be obtained in written form.
  7. Any time you think an athlete is injured and might require medical attention on their own; the athlete’s parents should be notified.
  8. In cases of suspected concussion the CIF concussion protocol will be followed.


  • Properly plan and document your activities
  • Provide proper instruction
  • Warn of inherent risks
  • Provide a safe physical environment
  • Provide adequate and proper equipment
  • Properly match athletes
  • Evaluate injuries
  • Supervise activities closely
  • Provide appropriate first aid care and emergency assistance
  • Protect against physical and psychological harm
  • Transport athletes safely.


Board Policy Regarding Transportation of Students to Activities: The transportation safety of our students is of paramount importance to the Merced Union High School District. The district will endeavor to provide transportation to and from off campus activities sponsored or co-sponsored by the district. Only students for whom written permission has been received from their parents/guardians may be transported to and from an activity. Private passenger vehicles may be used with prior approval of the Principal or designee.

Coaches are responsible to see that district transportation is arranged and provided for the events that they are supervising. All required forms for transportation to an activity must be submitted to the site Athletic Director and the district Transportation Department no less than fourteen days prior to the activity. The Athletic Director and Transportation Department should also be immediately notified if an event is cancelled or rescheduled.

No coach shall ever permit students to drive themselves or other students to an athletic function or to a destination on a school related trip in an instance where requested District transportation is not available without complying with District regulations requiring a waiver and release.

All head coaches are responsible for informing their staff at all levels of these student transportation rules and regulations.

(See appendix for further transportation guidelines)



The head coach of each team is responsible for submitting a typed roster to the athletic director within one week of the start of his/her season. Any changes during the season to this roster must be forwarded to the site SBO immediately.


All sports/varsity head coaches will have a designated associated student body account(s) for their sport. The head varsity coach is responsible for maintaining his/her account. The associated student body executive council under the advisement of the Athletic and Activities Directors will allocate funds to each sport/account.


The purchasing of equipment (and uniforms) will be made by the head varsity coach of each sport. All athletic purchases must have prior approval (and appropriate signatures) before the site bookkeeper will issue a purchase order. In extreme cases when reimbursement is the only option; reimbursement paperwork, signatures and administrative approval must be completed prior to the purchase or expenditure. Failure to gain prior approval will result in no school or site reimbursement.


It is the coach's responsibility for care, storage, and inventory of their team's uniforms. Once a uniform is checked out to an athlete, that athlete is responsible for that uniform. If the athlete loses, damages, or alters the uniform, he/she must be obligated for the cost of replacement.


All equipment will, at the time of receipt, be inventoried by the head coach and placed on an inventory list. Coaches are responsible for the care, storage, and inventory of their equipment for their sport. No equipment is to be loaned without express approval of the athletic director.


Keys are never to be given to students or any unauthorized personnel. Keys should be returned at the end of the season if the coach is not a permanent staff member.


Head coaches need to attempt to schedule athletic contests at times and locations that will reduce students athletes from missing instructional minutes. When students must miss or be released early from class for athletic competition, varsity head coaches must notify the attendance office/SBO student support secretary 48 hours in advance and list release times and current rosters.


The athletic director in collaboration with site data processors/associate principal overseeing athletics will provide a printout of all students who are ineligible.


Site athletic trainers will issue first aid supplies; head coaches are responsible to travel with appropriate medical supplies. It is the head coach’s responsibility to have a copy of all student athletes current medical release (athletic participation form) in their possession at all times. It is the head coach's responsibility to ensure that these copies are readily available to all assistant coaches that may be in a position of supervise when the head coach in not available and or present.


The head coach of the varsity sport must be consulted before moving a player up a level (JV to Varsity or Frosh to JV). In addition, the head varsity coach must notify the athletic director prior to a move being made.


All game results, team and individual statistics and other pertinent information must be forwarded to the appropriate newspapers/media. When emailing scores ‘cc’ the Athletic Director. It is advised/expected that head coaches have the ability to relay scores and results to appropriate social media outlets; to include sport specific, school, league, CIF and other official media outlets, such as Maxpreps. is the official score reporting agency of the Sac-Joaquin Section. All Scores must be submitted on MaxPreps for playoff consideration. Please see Athletic Director for information on submitting to MaxPreps.

Media Do’s and Don'ts


Take the blame for every loss. Credit your players for every win. Always look for an opportunity to give credit to your assistant coaches and the passion, commitment and hard work of your players.


Don't single out a negative about a specific player. Don’t say “I” or “me” unless you are personally taking blame for a loss.


The head coach of each varsity sport is responsible for the following:

  1. Collect all equipment and uniforms.
  2. Inventory all equipment and secure proper storage.
  3. Complete scheduling of non-league contests.
  4. Collect all keys from walk-on coaches and turn keys into appropriate school personnel.
  5. Check roster and determine letterwinners for your varsity team. Provide the A.D. with a copy of letter and team award winners.
  6. Turn in obligations for all athletes who lost, damaged, or purchased uniforms or equipment.
  7. Schedule post season evaluation with school personnel.


Athletic Directors and Head Coaches will be responsible to insure that all assistant coaches and volunteer walk-on coaches are properly cleared by the Human Resources office and trained according to district policies and procedures. The items required to accomplish this are as follows (see attached“Paid or Volunteer Walk-on Coach Required Items” list following this page):


  • Application Form (form from site AD, bring TB results [4years], SS card, CA DL)
  • Department of Justice/FBI Fingerprint Clearance
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (form I-9)
  • Withholding Allowance Certificates (form W-4 & EDD)
  • Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Drug & Tobacco Free Workplace Information
  • Oath of Duty to report Child Abuse
  • Procedures for Workers Compensation
  • Notice of Exclusion from CalPERS Membership
  • Eligibility Statement for Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
  • Injury & Illness Prevention Program


Coaches Certification: Expires:

NFHS New Coaches Certification Life

CPR / First Aid 2 Years

Concussion / NFHS 2 Years

Blood Borne Pathogen / Heat Illness 1 Year

Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Asthma, Meds, Seizure (ADAMS) 1 Year

Mandated Reporting 1 Year

Basic Water Rescue or Lifeguard Certified 2 Years

American Assoc. of Cheerleading Coaches & Administrators (AACCA) 4 Years


Assistant coaches are assigned by the head coach, with prior approval of the District’s Human Resources Department and the sites Athletic Director and Principal pursuant to complying with the “Volunteer and Walk-On Coaches Requirements” to carry out the program planned by the head coach, to be whatever assistance is required, and perform delegated duties as set forth by the head coach.

  1. Follow all MUHSD policies.
  2. Assist in preparing facilities
  3. Help issue equipment, check in equipment and take inventory.
  4. Assist in supervision of the athletes and the program.
  5. When in charge of the team in the head coach’s absence, the responsibilities of the head coach will apply to the assistant coach.


Head coaches will assist the Athletic Director in:

  1. Placement of coaches/volunteers (confirming all required certifications are met).
  2. Budgeting
  3. Scheduling
  4. Transportation
  5. Awards
  6. CIF and League advisory meetings
  7. Care, maintenance, and preparation of athletic facilities for practice and games.
  8. Evaluation of their program and coaching staff


I, (print)_________________________________________, acknowledge that I have read and understand the Merced Union High School District’s Coaches Manual. I have also had a chance to have any questions answered to my satisfaction in regard to the content of this manual by the Athletic Director.

I agree to follow the policies and procedures listed in the manual to the best of my ability in carrying out my duties as a coach within the Merced Union High School District. In addition, I agree to complete all required coaching trainings as outlined in the manual and keep all required certifications current by taking re-certification trainings that the district requires to keep my coaching certifications current and up-to-date.

______________________________________________ __________

Coach’s Signature Date

______________________________________________ __________

Head Coach Signature Date

______________________________________________ __________

Site Athletic Director Date

_____________________________________________ __________

Associate Principal Date


New Coach Training

See site Athletic Director for MUHSD New Coach Training

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Online Trainings

image- 2019-2020 MUHSD Online Trainings Logo

Certain school personnel are required to have one or more ADAMS (Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Asthma, Medication, Seizure) trainings in addition to Concussion in Sports and Sudden Cardiac Arrest for coaching. All MUHSD staff must also be trained in Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Harassment. These courses are available online through the MUHSD professional learning platform, InnovatED.

To complete one or more of the online trainings:

Complete this form. Completing this form is the first step to your enrollment into the online trainings course in InnovatED. Please note: If you're new to MUHSD and InnovatED, you'll receive an email notification prompting you to complete your registration into InnovatED by setting up your own password so that you can log in.

Please allow up to 48hr for enrollment into the online course shell to take place. You will receive an email notification with further instructions once you've been enrolled in the course.