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Letter of Interest

Important: Letters of Interest and Letter of Transfer Requests will be accepted by current permanent MUHSD Classified employees during the first (5) five days of the classified posting only. For an employee outside of classification to be considered after any inside transfer request; they must complete the attached Letter of Interest and attach a resume. Any Letter of Interest must be submitted to Human Resources – Kim Gurden by posting due date; in order to be considered.

To: Human Resources Office:

I, _______________________________________ (Name) am a current permanent employee of Merced Union High School District.

My current position is ____________________________________________ (Job Title)

at ___________________________________________ (District Site).

I, would like to be considered for the position of _________________________________________

(Job Title & Position #) at ______________________________________ (District Site).

Thank you,

_____________________________________ ________________________

Signature and Date

Human Resources Office Use Only

Date of Hire:

Current Classification:

Posting Classification:

Letter of Intent Accepted:

District Site:

Letter of Resignation or Retirement

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Kim Gurden

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Mary Schmid

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