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Substitute Teachers

If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher for Merced Union High School District (MUHSD) please contact Merced County Office of Education at 209-381-6600. Once you have met the requirements for Merced County Office of Education, please visit the MUHSD District Office at 3430 A Street, Atwater, to pick up an application packet.

MUHSD prospective substitute teachers will be cleared after 1) all required paperwork has been completed and turned into the Human Resources Office at the district office and 2) attending one of the mandatory substitute orientation sessions.

*Some trainings are offered online through the MUHSD professional learning platform- InnovatED. If you don't have an InnovatED account yet, or aren't sure, click here to request one.
Please be advised that InnovatED accounts are manually created (not auto-created) and may take up to 48hrs. You'll receive an email notification; It's not necessary to submit your request more than once. Thank you!