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What is the LCAP?

The LCAP, which stands for Local Control and Accountability Act, is a three-year plan to address state and local priorities in an effort to improve student outcomes.

The LCAP describes:

  • The school district's goals for students
  • What actions the district will take to achieve those goals
  • What those actions will cost
  • How it will measure the results

The LCAP addresses the needs of ALL students, including specific groups such as English Learners, Foster Youth and students from low-income families.

Because no two school districts are the same, each one is required to create its own LCAP and tailor it to the unique needs of its own students.

The LCAP also gets updated yearly, and community input is an essential component of the process. Several LCAP meetings are held throughout the school year and at each school site. Parents, caregivers and the community as a whole are invited to attend and share their concerns, identify areas that need improvement and explore potential solutions.

Several follow-up LCAP meetings are scheduled during the second half of the school year to review the school site visits and assess student needs. This will be followed by community forums leading up to the LCAP update over the summer.