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Website Edits and Projects Request Forms

Checklist for Submitting Website Edit & Project Requests


Checklist for Submitting Website Edit & Project Requests

Documents and Spreadsheets

  • Check that your document is saved as a Word (.docx) or Excel (.xls), not a PDF.
  • If you are sharing the document via Google Docs or Spreadsheets, verify that your sharing settings are set at Can View Only.


  • Avoid using images that you do not own or have not created.
  • Give credit to the image source and site it on document or video to avoid copyright violations.
  • Use copyright free images or create your own for commercial activity, profit or fundraising events, and entertainment purposes.
  • Confirm that all students in images or videos have signed a release form on Aeries.


  • All videos need to have captions. Note that automated captions do not meet accessibility guidelines.
  • Visit this link below, if you need assistance in adding captions to your video:

Captioning YouTube Videos Tutorial


  • Share only links to Google Slides. If your presentation was made on Microsoft Powerpoint, upload to it Google Slides to share with Webmaster and Accessibility Coordinator.
  • Verify that your sharing settings are set at Can View Only.

*Note that all important public information for district, staff, parents, students, and community members needs to be displayed on FinalSite and cannot be linked to a third-party website.

Please click and proceed to download the Website Edit & Project Requests Checklist

Procedure for Submitting Website Edit & Project Requests

2018-2019 Procedures

Communication Department’s Website Edits & Project Request Process

MUHSD’s Communications Department wants to assist all staff in developing their website platform to ensure ADA compliance, provide current content, and provide user-friendly website navigation. The Communications Department has established processes and protocols to provide website assistance promptly and display accurate information. Therefore, it allows the department to effectively manage and increase departmental accountability for the content of individual pages on the site. Documents and tutorial videos will be provided as a framework to follow for the submission of website edits and project requests.

Website Edits & Project Request Submissions

Staff and student's that are the on the permission list will be able to submit content for website edits or project requests via an online form located under these three sections:

  1. A footer link on your school’s web page named, Website Edits and Project Requests
  2. A link via MUHSD website’s homepage footer
  3. A link via the News & Communications' homepage

Please fill out the form and provide all information needed for each request. The form after being submitted will be received by the Webmaster and Accessibility Coordinator, Viviana Fuentes. Requests via email will not be approved, and staff will receive an email notification to submit their request through the online form provided by the Communications Department.

Once the form is received by the Webmaster and Accessibility Coordinator, individuals will receive an automatic response confirming that their request was approved. Submissions after 3:30pm will be reviewed and confirmed the following work day. After the website edits or project has been completed and published, the individual will receive an email regarding the completion of their request.