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School Board Members

Board President, Dave Honey

Image: Vice President, Dave Honey
Dave Honey

Position: Board President
Address: 601 Fruitland Ave., Atwater, CA 95301
Phone: 777-8026
Area 2
12/05/2014 to 12/07/2018

Vice President, John Medearis

Image: Vice President, Dave Honey
John Medearis

Position: Vice President
Address: 4836 Langley Way Merced, CA 95348
Phone: 209-720-7805
Area 4
12/02/2016 to 12/04/2020

Clerk, Julio Valadez

Image: Clerk
Julio Valadez

Position: Clerk
Address: P.O. Box 777 Livingston, CA 95334
Phone: 209-277-1402
Area 3
12/02/2016 to 12/04/2020

Board Member, Richard Lopez

Image: Board President Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez

Position: Board Member
Address: 1904 Vistana Drive, Atwater, CA 95301
Phone: 209-756-8925
Area 5
12/05/2014 to 12/07/2018

Board Member, Greg Opinski

Image: Board Member
Greg Opinski

Position: Board Member
Address: P.O. Box 2065 Merced, CA 95344
Phone: 209-384-2851
Area 1
12/05/2014 to 12/07/2018

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) became California's school funding structure in 2013-14. It provides funding for all students, and additional funding for districts who serve a large population of Foster Youth, Low Income and English Learner students. The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) explains how the district will use the additional funds to support identified students and provide them with an equal opportunity to succeed.

LCAP Goals for MUHSD

LCAP Goal #1 - All Students College and Career Ready

LCAP Goal #2 - Equitable Access

LCAP Goal #3 - School Climate

LCAP Goal #4 - Recruit & Retain Staff

Among the many responsibilities that come with serving as a school board member, the board also sets goals for the Superintendent. The 2017-18 goals are displayed below.

Goals for the Superintendent

Goals for 2018-19 (In Progress):

Goal #1

Improve opportunities and outcomes for special populations including, English learners, special ed, foster youth and homeless students.

Goal #2

Research options and plan for facility improvements at all sites.

All Goals for 2017-18 Completed (see below):

Goal #1- Develop alternative schedules for students (7-period day)
LCAP Priority- All Students College and Career Ready

Goal #2- Update and Revamp Counseling Services
LCAP Priority- Equitable Access

Goal #3- Develop a Leadership Academy
LCAP Priority- Recruit and Retain Highly Qualified Staff

Goal #4- Create Five-year Facilities Plan
LCAP Priority- School Climate

Navigate to each area of the map below and hover your mouse over the button to see which Board of Trustee member is responsible for each given area.