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Superintendent's Welcome

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I'd like to welcome you to the Merced Union High School District (MUHSD). We are a diverse district located in the central San Joaquin Valley of California. We have six comprehensive high schools and four alternative education schools, which serve approximately 10,500 students.

MUHSD works hard to provide "a relevant education for all". A relevant education means that every student walks off the graduation stage each June able to articulate his or her next step in life and has the skills to attain his or her goals. MUHSD is no stranger to innovation and is currently leading the region in preparing students to be BOTH college and career ready. We have worked collaboratively with the community to develop a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) with a theme of "opportunity and support." "Opportunity" speaks to our dedicated efforts in establishing over 30 new Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways across the district that enable students to explore their interests and in many cases, earn industry certification and/or college credits. "Support" is felt through the multiple tiers of intervention and community wraparound services offered throughout the district. Our district is committed to pushing beyond boundaries and offering robust, rigorous programs and curriculum to help students become creative critical thinkers, collaborative teammates and effective communicators. We are a student-centered district, focusing on knowledge and skills.

Along with a strong core academic program, our students are highly encouraged to participate in the life of their schools. All campuses have student involvement levels of 80% or higher. Our principals and staff understand that athletics, band, drama, AG, student leadership, campus clubs and community service are foundational to developing students of character, grit, and civic responsibility.

Our remaining LCAP goals include, school climate (providing safe and engaging campus environments), providing equitable access (ensuring high outcomes regardless of social or cultural circumstances), and recruiting and retaining highly-qualified, well-trained staff. Both our classified and certificated staffs are highly-skilled and continuously work to improve their craft.

We are driven by a value system that believes in building capacity among staff through cutting-edge professional development opportunities, maintaining technology-rich environments for the effective delivery of instruction, involving stakeholders to ensure the overall success of all aspects of the district, and ensuring fiscal integrity.

Our district staff is comprised of many lifelong residents of Merced County, which speaks to our commitment toward the communities we serve. I am honored to serve the students, staff, parents, and communities of the #MUHSD.

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The Board of Trustees also sets goals for the Superintendent. The 2019-2020 goals are displayed below, as well as the previous goals from years past.


  • Continued refinement of safety preparation and planning both from a physical point of view and social-emotional point of view
  • Identify and consistently implement essential standards in core areas, including embedded skills (communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking).
  • Continue implementation of student-centered instructional delivery methods and authentic assessments (real-world, multiple measures) in all core areas with special emphasis in mathematics.
  • Focus on providing timely and accurate communications to families, staff and the community to promote all school and district activities consistently at all sites.
  • Explore best options to attain student voice at the board level.
  • Explore Digital Citizenship options for a comprehensive approach for staff, students and parents.
  • Explore options to provide students with financial literacy proficiency.
  • Explore options to increase collaboration and communication with feeder districts.
  • Explore options to provide students with work-ready certifications.


All Goals for 2018-19 (completed-see below):

Goal #1

Improve opportunities and outcomes for special populations including, English learners, special ed, foster youth and homeless students.

Goal #2

Research options and plan for facility improvements at all sites.


All Goals for 2017-18 Completed

Goal #1- Develop alternative schedules for students (7-period day)
LCAP Priority- All Students College and Career Ready

Goal #2- Update and Revamp Counseling Services
LCAP Priority- Equitable Access

Goal #3- Develop a Leadership Academy
LCAP Priority- Recruit and Retain Highly Qualified Staff

Goal #4- Create Five-year Facilities Plan
LCAP Priority- School Climate

Image: Superintendent Alan Peterson
Alan Peterson

Merced Union High School District


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