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Chromebook & Accounts Hub

Chromebook and Accounts Hub

The Merced Union High School District is a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district. This site provides helpful information related to students' GAFE accounts, related policies and procedures, videos, and device tutorials. Students should contact their site library staff with any questions or concerns.


MUHSD Libraries


  • Merced Union High School District is a Google Apps for Education district. All students and staff have district-provided email accounts that provide access to the entire suite of Google products, such as YouTube, Drive, Draw, and Calendar. Even though we use the Google platform the accounts and all of the data within them are owned by the district. District administration and IT staff can access all data generated in school-provided accounts (i.e. there is no expectation of privacy on school accounts or equipment).


    • Students can sign in to their account at Google.
    • MUHSD devices can only be logged on using MUHSD-provided accounts.
    • For all Google account issues see the school site library staff.
    • Student email addresses are composed of the student's first initial, their last name, their permanent ID number, and ""
      • Example: Joe Smith, ID number 112358 has email address
    • For students with a hyphenated name or two last names, only the first last name is used in the email address.
      • Example: Mary Jones-Brown, ID number 314159 has email address
      • Example: Alexis Miller Wright, ID number 135711 has email address
    • Students' temporary passwords, for first login only, is their birth date written as an 8-digit number
      • Example: Joe's birth date is February 14, 2002. His password is 02142002
    • When students first log in they will be required to change their passwords. Passwords should meet the following criteria:
      • Passwords must be at least 8 characters long
      • Passwords should be easy for the student to remember but hard for others to guess
      • A multi-word phrase is a good password (Longer passwords are harder to crack)
      • Use Numbers and special characters to make the password harder to crack
    • Why students should check their email daily:
      • Email is an important means of communication in most industries-- develop the habit of checking it daily
      • Important announcements from principals, counselors, library staff, the student body office, and college and career counselors are usually sent by email.


    Staff accounts are composed of the employee's first initial and last name followed by ""

    Because there are multiple staff with the same first initial and last name there is some variation on this formula. Please visit the appropriate site's directory to confirm the address. The school site library staff can reset staff passwords and troubleshoot account problems.


    Please see the school site library staff to troubleshoot issues associated with any accounts or login issues related to district curriculum and/or ClassLink.

  • All your work is done in a browser.

    • Send mail, edit photos, create documents — you can do all of these activities in the browser, thanks to thousands of apps on the web. There’s no complicated software to install.

    All your stuff is saved on the web.

    • Everything -- your apps, documents, settings -- are all stored safely on the web, and not on the device. So you’ll have constant access to your stuff even if you're using another computer.

    You can surf the web anytime, anywhere.

    • Chromebooks connect quickly to your preferred wireless or wired networks.

    Chromebooks start up fast and last all day long.

    • Chromebooks start up quickly and resume instantly from sleep. Your favorite websites load quickly, with full support for the latest web standards and Adobe Flash. Last but not least, you don’t need to worry about power because the battery lasts all day.

    Your device will always be up-to-date.

    • Each time you turn your Chromebook on, it automatically updates itself with the latest features, hardware and system updates, and anti-virus software.

    You are protected by built-in security.

    • Each webpage and application you visit runs in a restricted environment. So visiting one page that’s been infected with something malicious can’t affect anything else on your computer.
  • California Education Code authorizes schools to hold students and parents liable for damage to, or loss of school property loaned to the student. Students are expected to maintain Chromebooks and other school devices in good condition and may be charged for repairs or replacement at the school's discretion. Below are some tips and videos to help students properly care for their devices.