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Student Services

We provide services, assistance, and information in the realm of after school programs, school-based health services, section 504, student study teams, special education, and Sierra Vista. Please find the relevant documents and forms linked below.

Student Services Staff

Staff Title Phone Fax
Cristi Johnson Assistant Superintendent-Student services 209-325-2121  
Stephanie Flowers Student Support Services Assistant 209-325-2121 209-222-4893
Katina Austin Program Administrator-Special Programs & Parent Engagement 209-325-2112 209-225-2383
Melissa Bowler Lead Psychologist 209-325-2122  
Niza Crispen-Hernandez Program Manager-Homeless/Foster Youth 209-325-2113 209-225-2386
Melissa Doerksen 504 Coordinator (AHS,BCHS,IHS,LHS,SHS,YHS) 209-325-2124  
Summer Eagle Student Support Technician 209-325-2103 209-225-2379
Gabriela Lopez Child Welfare & Attendance Secretary 209-325-2111 209-222-4964
Brooke Luker 504 Coordinator-ECHS,GVHS,MHS 209-325-2125  
Mabel Mares Homeless/Foster Youth Clerk Typist 209-325-2133  
Katelyn Mayo Program Administrator-Counseling 209-325-2132  
Kelli Sharpe Program Administrator II-Child Welfare & Attendance 209-325-2110 209-222-4979
Stephanie Valdivia Homeless/Foster Youth Liaison 209-325-2114 209-225-2166


*Special Education records requests should be sent to Summer Eagle

Directions and Contact

Student Support Services


Phone: 209-325-2121


Child Welfare, Attendance & Safety - 209.222.4964

Homeless & Foster Youth - 209.225.2287

Special Education - 209.225.2379