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Contact Information

  Main Office Educational & Student Services Office (ESSO)
Main Phone 209-325-2000 209-325-2111
Street Address 3430 A Street Atwater, CA 95301 3500 G Street, Merced, CA 95344
Mailing Address PO Box 2147 Merced, CA 95344 PO Box 2147 Merced, CA 95344


  •   Position Location Phone
    Alan Peterson Superintendent District Office 209-325-2020
    Leslie Rohrback Executive Assistant to the Superintendent District Office 209-325-2021


  •   Position Location Phone
    Scott Weimer, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent of Business & Student Services District Office 209-325-2031
    Heidi Wilson Business Services Administrative Assistant District Office 209-325-2031
    Fiscal Services      
    Yolanda Balladares Director of Fiscal Services II District Office 209-325-2035
    Laura Aguilar Fiscal Services Manager District Office 209-325-2034
    Sheila Marlowe Fiscal Services Assistant District Office 209-325-2036
      Accounts Payable  District Office 209-325-2037
    Sandeep Kaur Accounts Payable  District Office 209-325-2038
    Cecilia Duran Accounts Payable District Office 209-325-2039
    Jamie Ziegenfuss Payroll Technician (Certificated) District Office 209-325-2040
    PaHoua Lee Payroll Technician (Classified) District Office 209-325-2041
    Viviana Fuentes Director of Communications District Office 209-325-2046
    Jamie Pemberton Communications Program Manager District Office 209-325-2052
    Purchasing & Warehouse      
    Jason Perez Purchasing Warehouse Manager District Office 209-325-2203
    Seth Gunnin Purchasing Warehouse Assistant District Office 209-325-2201



  •   Position Location Phone
    Mandy Ballenger Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services ESSO 209-325-2061
    Tiffany Calderon Program Administrative Assistant ESSO 209-325-2061
    Kimberly Buhrmann Program Administrator ESSO 209-325-2056
    Amy Pellissier Program Administator II ESSO 209-325-2058
    College Admissions, Financial Aid, Scholarships    
    Gena Lanz Scholarship Counselor  AHS, BCHS, LHS  
    Brandee Ruiz Scholarship Counselor  ECHS, GVHS, MHS  
    Pam Gleason Scholarship Technician  AHS, BCHS, LHS  
    Bernadine Diele Scholarship Technician  ECHS, GVHS, MHS  
    College & Career      
    Stacey Cool Program Administrator ESSO 209-325-2057
    CTE Grants & Compliance    
    Jannette McAuley CTE Program Administrator ESSO 209-325-2063
      K-12 Pathway Coordinator ESSO 209-325-2065
    Educational Technology & Online Programs    
    Sheryl Garman Director of EdTech and Online Programs District Office 209-325-2084
    Omar Santiago Information Technician Assistant District Office 209-325-2084
    Erica Cardey Program Administrator-InnovatEd & Digital Curriculum District Office 209-325-2055
    Miguel Garcia Network Technician District Office 209-325-2085
    Mike Murdock Network Technician District Office 209-325-2082
    Clara Lopez Information Services Manager District Office 209-325-2083
    Multi-Tiered System of Supports    
    Torrin Johnson Director of MTSS ESSO 209-325-2051
    Michelle Ryan Equity & Accountability Assistant ESSO 209-325-2051
    Katina Austin, Ed.D. Special Programs & Family Engagement Program Admin ESSO 209-325-2112
    Niza Crispin-Hernandez Child Welfare & Attendance Program Manager ESSO 209-325-2113




  •   Position Location Phone
    Human Resources    
    Brett Nickelson Director of Human Resources District Office 209-325-2015
    Rebecca Shelton Human Resources Administrative Assistant District Office 209-325-2015
    Brooke Thompson HR Specialist District Office 209-325-2011
    Maria Fonseca HR Specialist District Office 209-325-2016
    Derek Daley HR Specialist District Office 209-325-2244
    Sara Olmos HR Specialist District Office 209-325-2014
    Natalie Lorenzana Personnel Technician-Certificated District Office 209-325-2003
    Amber Gonzales Personnel Technician-Classified District Office 209-325-2002
    Vivian DelRincon Employee Benefits Technician District Office 209-325-2007
    Natali Pulido District Receptionist/Clerk Typist District Office 209-325-2001
    Facilities & New Construction      
    Melissa Miller Manager of Facilities Warehouse 209-325-2243
    Wendy Auldridge Facilities Planning Secretary Warehouse 209-325-2245
    Maintenance & Operations    
    Mark Gottschall Maintenance & Operations Director Warehouse 209-325-2301
    Mauro Souza Maintenance & Operations Manager Warehouse 209-325-2305
    Nina Ribeiro Maintenance & Operations Assistant Warehouse 209-325-2302
    Pedro Coronado Grounds Supervisor Warehouse 209-325-2306
    Nutrition Services    
    Erin Tassey Director of Nutrition Services Warehouse 209-325-2213
    Rosemary Cota Assistant Director of Nutrition Warehouse 209-325-2212
      Nutrition Services Assistant Warehouse 209-325-2211
    Risk Management    
    Jennifer Oshana Risk Management Assistant Warehouse 209-325-2242
    Brenda Hermosillo Director of Transportation District Office 209-325-2351
    Stefanie Valenzuela Transportation Assistant District Office 209-325-2352
    Fernando Prado Bus Driver & Transportation Helper/Router District Office 209-325-2353
    Luke Waters Dispatcher/Field Trip Coordinator District Office 209-325-2358
    John Villanueva Instructor & Router District Office 209-325-2364
    Frank Hannah Livingston Shop Supervisor District Office 209-325-2697
    Frank Hodges Shop Supervisor District Office 209-325-3255





  •   Position Location Phone
    Cristi Johnson Director of Student Services ESSO 209-325-2121
    Renee Bettis Student Support Services Assistant ESSO 209-325-2121
    Brooke Luker 504 Coordinator (ECHS, GVHS, MHS) ESSO 209-325-2125
    Melissa Doerksen 504 Coordinator (AHS, BCHS, IHS, LHS, SHS, YHS) ESSO 209-325-2124
    Katelyn Mayo Program Administrator ESSO 209-325-2132
    Summer Eagle Student Support Technician ESSO 209-325-2103
    Melissa Bowler Lead Psychologist ESSO 209-325-2122
    Child Welfare, Attendance, & Safety    
    Kelli Sharpe Program Administrator ESSO 209-325-2110
    Claudia Boehm Child Welfare, Attendance, & Safety Secretary ESSO 209-325-2111