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District Operations Staff

  • Title Phone Number
    Melissa Miller Manager of Facilities 209-325-2243
      Facilities Planning Secretary 209-325-2245


  • Title Phone Number
    Mauro Souza Maintenance & Operations Director 209-325-2301
    Wendy Auldridge Maintenance & Operations Assistant 209-325-2302
    Pedro Coronado Grounds Supervisor 209-325-2306


  • Title Phone Number
    Lisa Mendoza Director of Nutrition Services 209-325-2213
    Rosemary Cota Assistant Director of Nutrition Services 209-325-2212
    Irma Leal Nutrition Services Assistant 209-325-2211


  • Title Phone Number
    Brenda Hermosillo Director of Transportation 209-325-2351
    Stefanie Valenzuela Transportation Assistant 209-325-2352
    Luke Waters Dispatcher/Field Trip Coordinator 209-325-2358
    John Villanueva Instructor & Router 209-325-2354
    Diego Melgoza Bus Driver, Transportation Helper, & Router 209-325-2353
    Frank Hodges Shop Supervisor-Merced 209-325-2355
      Shop Supervisor-Livingston 209-325-2697


  • Title Phone Number
    Derek Daley Human Resources Specialist 209-325-2244
    Jennifer Oshana Risk Management Assistant 209-325-2242