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Curriculum Council

Curriculum Council

Curriculum Council is composed of members of the MUHSD and is the place where new courses are proposed, old courses are revised, course name change requests are conducted, and CTE pathway modifications can occur.

Curriculum Council for the 2024-25 school year will be held in October 2024.  All proposals are due to Stacey Cool by late September 2024. Specific dates will be determined in Spring 2024.

If you would like to develop a new course or propose a CTE pathway change, please refer to the Guide to Curriculum Council shown below. Then contact your Associate Principal of Guidance and reach out to Stacey Cool.



New Course Application

Make a Copy of the New Course Application

Guide to New Courses and Curriculum Council


Curriculum Council Agendas & Minutes


    Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 8:30 a.m. in the District Board Room

    1. Updates from previous meetings
      1. Mr. Weimer
      2. Mr. Aguilar
    2. New: Technology & Innovation/CTE (Aguilar)
      1. Modify or create new courses as identified by site pathways and requested by teachers. Teachers who will be teaching the courses will meet as needed.
        1. Cyber Security
        2. IT Essentials
        3. Diesel Engines 1-3
        4. Construction Trades 1-4
        5. Drafting
        6. Welding Ag Shop Skills
    3. New: Curriculum & Instruction (Weimer)
      1. Create a policy and guidelines to identify courses for extra grade point. The follow up to this will be to update the formulas for determining graduation honors. 1 AP teacher, 1 Articulated course teacher, 1 counselor, 1 college counselor, 1 Guidance AP and 1 registrar will be invited to work on recommendations.
      2. World Language textbook adoption- World Language Department Chairs, or their representative will be brought together to identify vendors for a textbook fair and review of available materials.
      3. Microbiology textbooks- have teachers of course meet.
      4. 2017-2018 benchmarks for ELA and math. Site department chairs will be asked to meet with their department and identify the benchmarks they would like to use on their site.


    1. Updates on groups that are still meeting were provided for ELD Curriculum, What should Summer School look like, Instructional Pilots, CTE Pathways and NGSS.
    2. New items for Technology, Innovation & CTE
      1. Mr. Aguilar discussed the need to add or modify the following courses at the request of the teachers who are scheduled to teach these courses next year: Cyber Security, IT Essentials, Diesel Engines 1-3, Construction Trades 1-4, Drafting, Welding Ag Shop Skills. These teachers will be brought together to finalize these courses to meet their needs.
    3. New items for Curriculum & Instruction
      1. Mr. Weimer discussed the request to create a policy to determine when a course would qualify for an extra grade point. The formula for determining graduation honors would also need to be updated. 1 AP teacher, 1 Articulated course teacher, 1 counselor, 1 college counselor, 1 Guidance AP and 1 registrar will be invited to work on recommendations along with any member of the Curriculum Council who wishes to attend.
      2. World Language Department Chairs will be contacted by mid-May to identify vendors they would like to review in the process of updating their textbooks.
      3. Microbiology currently does not have a textbook. The teachers scheduled to teach the course next year will be contact for a recommendation on textbooks to review and approve.
      4. Each site will meet to determine what their site would like to use as benchmarks in ELA and math for the 2017-2018 school year.

    This was the final meeting for the 2016-2017 school year. A list of dates will be sent to members in early May to identify the dates for the 2017-2018 school year.

    Summary prepared 4/7/2017 by Scott Weimer



    Tuesday, November 1 @ 8:30 a.m. in DO Board Room

    1. Update on issues from 8/30/16 meeting
      1. Weimer
      2. Aguilar
    2. New: Curriculum & Instruction (S. Weimer):
      1. New Courses:
        1. Approve the use of all courses that are created and/or automatically approved by UC Doorways (ie: AP, PLTW, UCCI, UCD C-Stem, ROP)
      2. To ensure compliance with AP Syllabus requirements- select new instructional materials for AP courses that have textbooks published on or before 2010 (All teachers currently teaching the course would be brought together):
        1. AP Environmental Science 2007
        2. AP US History 2003
        3. AP European History 2006
        4. AP Government 2008
        5. AP Spanish Language 2003
        6. AP Spanish Literature 2007
        7. AP English Literature 2006
      3. New state requirements
        1. Suicide prevention policy
        2. CPR added to Health courses
    3. New: Technology & Innovation (C. Aguilar):
      1. New Courses
        1. Fire Science
        2. Criminal Justice
        3. Emergency Medical Response
        4. Fabrication and Manufacturing
        5. Construction Trades 1 and 2
        6. Advanced Construction Trades
        7. Yosemite: Conservation Corps & Telecommunications courses
        8. Physical Geography year long as part of pathway at GVHS
      2. Instructional Materials
        1. Horticulture - Ag (update to current curriculum)
    4. Next Meeting- Tuesday, January 17, 2016 @ 8:30 a.m. in DO Board Room

    Note: a summary of the meeting will be posted online and sent to all Curriculum Council members and the DTA president. DTA has five working days from the time the summary is sent to exercise their right to consultation on any issue covered by the MOU in the current DTA contract.


    1. Introductions- members introduced themselves and the sign in sheet is attached to the end of this summary.
    2. Mr. Weimer and Mr. Aguilar gave updates on meetings that have begun or been planned from the August 30, 2016 Curriculum Council.
    3. Curriculum and Instruction items were presented by Mr. Weimer
      1. New courses- the approval of all courses listed on the Advanced Placement, Project Lead the Way, University of California Curriculum Integration, Merced County Office of Education ROP and University of California Davis C-Stem course lists. These courses are already created by these organizations and have automatic approval for A-G status- no paperwork needs to be created for these courses so teachers will not need to be taken off campus to create the course submissions.
      2. Update textbooks for AP courses that have textbooks published on or before 2010. The teachers who teach these courses will be contacted on how they would like to proceed in updating or selecting new materials. The AP courses are: Environmental Science, US History, European History, Government, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, English Language and English Literature.
      3. New state requirements- as per the guidelines of AB2246, the district will be establishing a committee to create a district Suicide Prevention Policy to take to the Board of Education. CPR will be added to the Health course and teachers will be provided with the information and training required by AB 1719.
    4. Technology, CTE & Innovation items were presented by Mr. Aguilar.
      1. New courses- Teachers who will be involved in teaching the following courses will be brought together to create the courses and identify instructional materials: Fire Science, Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Response, Fabrication and Manufacturing, Construction Trades 1 & 2, Advanced Construction Trades, Conservation Corps, Telecommunications and a year long Physical Geography course.
      2. Instructional Materials- teachers currently teaching the course will identify updated instructional materials for the horticulture course.
    5. The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 17, 2016 @ 8:30 a.m. @ DO.

    Summary prepared 11/07/2016 by Scott Weimer

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