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Aeries Data Confirmation Process

Aeries Student Data Confirmation Process



Proceso de Confirmación de Datos del Estudiante




  • Log into your Aeries parent portal link in a web browser (not the app).
  • Be sure to use a parent account, not your student's account.
  • In the yellow ribbon at the top, click the "Click Here" section to start the data confirmation process.
  • Make sure you click the confirm and continue button and complete every tab until you get to the final data confirmation.
  • Note that it will not let you update the address. If you try to change this field, someone from our staff will contact you to set up an appointment to show proof of address change.

Reminder: Please make sure you complete the Aeries registration/data confirmation prior to your student's round-up day.




  • Use la enlace arriba en su navegador web (Google Chrome or Safari. No puede usar la applicacion movil).
  • Asegúrese de usar una cuenta de padre, no la cuenta de estudiante.
  • En el cuadro amarillo en la parte arriba haga clic en la sección "Haga clic aquí" para iniciar el proceso de confirmación de datos.
  • Asegúrese de hacer clic en el botón Confirmar y continuar y complete cada ficha hasta que llegue a la confirmación final de los datos.
  • Ojo! Si necesita que cambiar su domicillio no lo hara permanete. Alguien de nuestro personal se pondrá en contacto con usted para establecer una cita para mostrar la prueba de cambio de dirección.

Recordatorio: Asegúrese de completar el registro de Aeries/confirmación de datos antes del evento de Round-Up.



Aeries Website Q&A

  • Aeries is the district's student information system. All information about students is securely stored in this database, including contact information, grade history, transcripts, health information, and attendance.

  • Yes. Parents use their Aeries account for the following purposes:

    • Complete the annual data confirmation process
    • Update contact information and health information
    • Check attendance in real time
    • Check academic progress in real-time
    • See progress reports and report cards
  • All students are issued an MUHSD email account which is used to create the student AERIES account.  Student email addresses use the first initial and last name along with the student's 6-digit ID number followed by  For example John Doe with an ID #123456 would be

  • To ensure schools have the most current student information and to confirm parents have read the annual notification, parents are asked to:

    • Confirm contact information for communication purposes is current

    • Confirm residency status, including if a family has been displaced, is current

    • Confirm health information is current

    • Confirm parents understand and have read authorization rights/documents that pertain to each school year

  • Contact information can be updated anytime by logging in to the Aeries parent portal. Follow instructions in English or Spanish.

  • An Aeries parent portal account was automatically created if parents provided the school with an email address.  If you do not believe your student's school site has your email or has an inaccurate email, please contact the school site directly.