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MUHSD Athletics

Welcome to the MUHSD Coaching Resources webpage.  Below you'll find contact information for the Co-Directors in charge of MUHSD Athletics. You'll also find links to school site athletics homepages and other resources related to coaching in the district.

Atwater Athletics

Buhach Colony Athletics

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Coaching Resources

  • The whole process begins with campus athletic director. Communicate with that person. Then, follow directions for either Walk-on coach or Regular employee (as described below).

    Important Information:

    • A or email address is required
    • You only get 3 attempts to pass the coaching certifications (ADAMS), and then you need to make arrangements to pass with the campus nurse.
    • You do not have to finish all trainings within one sitting.
    • You DO need to finish all within 30 days of account creation, or your progress will be lost and you'll start over.

    More information about Accounts and Trainings:

    -You will need an InnovatEd account to log in to the training course.  Regular staff already have InnovatEd accounts and can log in with their Google login credentials.  Walk-on coaches need to request a new account each year using a personal gmail account.  To request an account, please click here.

    For Pesticides trainings and Mandated Reporter training, MUHSD employees can complete those through the My Safety Portal website. My Safety Portal Instructions for directions.
    For questions related to the Pesticides training or Mandated Reporter training, please contact the Risk Management Dept.

    -Anything else- contact athletic director

    Walk-on Coaches:

    1. Create a gmail account for use of the system
    2. Complete this form
    3. Check for an email with further information (during business hours, Monday-Friday). It may take up to 24 hours to receive the email.

    Regular MUHSD Employees:

    Regular employees already have an InnovatEd account. Complete this form to enroll in the training course (request may take up to 24hrs. and will happen during business hours, Monday-Friday).

  • We encourage all community members to engage with each other through independent social media accounts for MUHSD school sites, programs, athletics, and departments. These accounts must be approved by the Communications Department, and all posts and comments on these accounts are public record. Please complete and return this form to the Communications Department. The MUHSD’s Communications Department will send you an email with the approval of the account.

    Since many staff have social media accounts that do not represent their school or program but represent them or their classrooms. If your account meets at least one of the following criteria, it must be registered with the Communications Department:

    • The account is connected to your school-provided email.
    • The account’s primary purpose is to promote your classroom, a club or team you sponsor, your school, or the district.
    • The account is used to discuss official school updates and to share information on behalf of the district, school, class, club, team, etc.

    If you have any questions, please reach out! The Communications Department would like to discuss any of your questions or comments as you work to build community and engagement.

    Contact Information for Director of Communications, Viviana Fuentes:

    • Office Phone Number: 209-325-2046


    Social Media Account Registration Form