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Superintendent Goals

Superintendent's Goals 2024

 Goal Title

 Means & Measures


  • English departments will create and administer a district assessment (at 95% completion rate) for all four quarters for English 1-4 that reflects the district focus on student-centered and skills based instruction in order to create a baseline for future growth measurements. These courses will also give the reading inventory at least twice per year (at 95% completion) providing individual data for teacher use and aggregate data for site and district review.
  • Review the Read 180 data and work with teachers to establish the district expectation of annual growth for a student.  This data will then be collected and reviewed annually to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and identify any additional supports or modifications needed.

 Special  Education

  • Development of a Learning Skills Curriculum (measurement is the actual curriculum) with common lessons by grade level (work samples will be part of student’s portfolio) to be used in 100% of Learning Skills classes.
  • Co-Teacher Implementation – Increase the opportunities students with IEPs have to participate in general ed classes and increase the pass rate for such classes -- 65% of Students with Disabilities will be in general education classes 80% of the time or more.
  • SDC Lesson Planning – develop and implement lessons in ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Life Skill, Voc Arts in 100% of SDC classes. A 5% decrease in behavioral referrals (due to classroom engagement) and Progress Towards IEP goals.
  • Develop a common understanding/language surrounding case management and the implementation of IEPs. 


  • Depth of Knowledge (DOK) will be observed at level 2+ 80% of the time and planning at level 3+ for 20% of the time as indicated by a learning objective or learning target.
  • In order to meet this goal, the district will provide professional development on increasing DOK to all instructional staff and calibration on how to measure DOK to all instructional leaders.

 Social Studies

  • At least one Freshman Seminar and Health teacher from each site will collaborate to develop new curriculum for both courses that reflect the District’s vision and CA State requirement in 100% of Freshmen Seminar and Health classes.
  • Social Studies departments will review standards and create priority standards and then create and administer a district assessment for each quarter for World History, US History, and Economics/Government that reflects the district focus on student-centered and skills based instruction.

 Grow Our Own

  • Create opportunities for staff and students to pursue careers in education and advance their career with MUHSD.